IMG_2140aThe first thing we did in Barcelona was get lost, and separated. I was walking in a small group with one member of our tour party who had twisted her ankle sky diving in Lauterbrunnen, while Mark and we missed a phase of the lights that Mark and the rest of the group made. When we couldn’t find them on Las Ramblas, I tried calling Mark, and this was when I discovered my phone had run out of credit, without telling me. Thanks 2 Degrees! Thankfully we all found each other again.

A major tourist attraction we skipped was a visit to La Sagrada Familia. We stopped to take a look at the outside during a quick bus tour of the city on our way in, but opted not to go back and see the inside. I think we were churched out at the time, which is both fair enough and frustrating, as it is rather unique.

We went off the tourist-beaten track and went for a swim at theIMG_2208a old Olympic Pools. Turns out, to use the indoor pools you have to have a swim cap (and they don’t sell them), so we were the weirdo’s in the outdoor pool, on our own, in early June, when its not actually that warm by local standards yet.

With both of us being Introverted, we were struggling by the time we got to Barcelona. I also still had a head cold. So we really need to go back to Barcelona on our own at some stage, as I somewhat hateOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAd my time there, which I don’t think does the city justice.

The last thing we did before we left was a group dinner at a Tapas restaurant, somewhere just off Las Ramblas in the Gothic Quarter. Amazing. Such good food. Actually, all the food we had in Barcelona was great – from the paella on our first night, to lunch at a noodle bar near the markets, to the gelato in the alleyway near the Placa de Catalunya.


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