Rainy nights in Nelson

IMG_4793The first thing I did, after collecting my bag at Nelson airports unique baggage claim area, was head around to visit Gina & Pete, and meet their new baby. It was lovely to visit for a couple of hours with only two kids to consider (not three).

After a yummy Mexican lunch, I left the car parked on the edge of town and went for a walk up to the Cathedral – which is actually quite hard to photograph due to the street layout / street furniture immediately around it – and then up and down the main road. Did a wee bit of shopping for Christmas presents, and then went to check in to my accommodation.

I treated myself to some yummy GF food I don’t normally see at home for dinner, although the oven at the campground struggled (I only had a hotplate in my room), and for snacks. It was actually quite pleasant to sit in my room alone, watching the rain, enjoying an early dinner while I decided what I was going to do about sunset.


The torrential rain that was flooding the roads on my attempt to get down to St Arnaud for evening astro work (in hopes the weather would clear) caused me to turn back, and instead I wound up at the Rocks, for an incredible sunset that poked between the clouds and got my camera (and my clothes) absolutely sopping wet. I really regretted the fact I hadn’t tried harder to get the umbrella back off Mr3 when he was holding on to it at Wellington Airport, saying bye.

I didn’t bother with any touristy stuff. I was there to visit with Gina & Pete, and to go out and take photos. Sunday morning, I was debating whether I went to Kaiteriteri since the weather had cleared, when I saw fresh snow on the mountains to the south of Nelson. So off to St Arnaud I went after all (probably should have stayed down there for the night rather than in Nelson – the astro options early morning would have been incredible).

The hardest moment of the trip was heading home. While I was looking forward to seeing Mark and Mr3 again, I had absolutely LOVED being off on my own, having an adventure. I’m determined to do it more often.



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