Easter at Home

Around Christmas last year, we looked through this years calendar and noted (like many others) that we could easily take just a handful of days leave to get a long holiday over Easter and ANZAC weekend.

But, we decided not to, since it was also school holidays, and this is our last year of not having to consider the impact of travelling outside school holiday times.

Instead, we decided Easter would be an at-home (or at the beach at a stretch) weekend. And boy was that a good idea. Everyone in our house is tired and scratchy at the moment, especially Mr4.

A weekend “at home” doesn’t mean boring though. Wellington has loads of really awesome short adventures available!

Friday was a super relaxed day. Mr4 stayed Thursday night with his grandparents, while we went for a wander through the CBD in the afternoon between rain showers, and enjoyed afternoon tea at Joe’s Garage (GF fries! Yay!).

Saturday we went to Zealandia for the first time in months, finally renewing our memberships. They had an “Easter Egg” hunt on, which kept Mr4 moving. We ran into a couple of people we knew, and got to see loads of kaka, which is always awesome.

Sunday was another chilled day. In the afternoon, we went to Karori Park, and got Mr4 riding his bike around the sportsfields, before a bit of a play in the playground. We got rained on a little, but only light showers thankfully.

On Monday, our outing was to Karori Pool. The hydroslide there is absolutely FANTASTIC for larger pre-schoolers. Mr4 did a couple of runs, then got cold, then went back and did another dozen in a row. We almost didn’t get him off it!33418191840_a606a5c2fb_o

All in all, a perfect Easter Weekend. An outing a day, a good amount of good food, and some seriously restful at-home time. Train tracks in the lounge, hide-and-seek in the dark! Sadly, my computer corrupted my memory card as I tried to download the images for the weekend, so the photos with this post are from other visits to those places! This is most gutting with Zealandia (awesome photos of Kaka, and a teeny-tiny tuatara), and Karori Park (Mr4 getting confident on his bike).

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