Autumn in Christchurch

Next week I start a new job. This week, I was treated to a 2-day “away” session with my new team. Because the team is split between Wellington and Christchurch, this years event was in Christchurch. It was a lovely treat to get a night away, and a social opportunity to meet loads of my new colleagues.

We visit Christchurch semi-regularly. Marks family is based there. But we dont go exploring very much as the trips are short. Notably, we barely make it to the CBD.

This time, I was staying in the CBD. So Thursday morning I went for a walk. While there were still some sad scenes, there was a lot of beauty to behold – even without considering the stunning new buildings starting to sprout everywhere. The autumn colours were especially entrancing, and I loved the way the light played through town without hills around to stop it.


Through work, I stayed at the Breakfree on Cashel. The room was comfortably sized for a short stay, although the bathroom was a squeeze. The shower pressure and temperature were bliss. The aircon took a while to get going, so I overheated overnight having left it on. The blinds were efficient at keeping the light out, and the bed was comfortable (although it had a board at the foot, so at my height, I was glad to not be sharing). This was formerly the SO Hotel, which we had planned to stay at in 2011 for a wedding, but the Grand Chancellor wound up leaning on it after the February Quake.


I was treated to dinner at The Happening on Glouchester. The food was good, although the GF options were very limited. The salmon was a tad oily, but this was made up for with the fresh steamed veges. The staff were absolutely lovely. Would dine again.


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