Lux Festival

Mum, this light is BEAUTIFUL

For a while, it looked like Lux was going to be a rain-out for me this year, with the only times I could go having horrendous weather. Then, miraculously, Thursday afternoon the weather cleared. Mark was out for the evening, so Mr4 and I grabbed some dinner and headed back into the city to explore.

What I saw of this years show was made 100% better by the excitement of a 4yo out past bedtime. I didn’t love the displays in the Frank Kitts Park area, and we didn’t get up Cuba St and surrounding laneways.

Glow in the dark Gelato!

The wet weather meant the glow in the dark chalk on the Frank Kitts Promenade had been washed clean – previous years I have visited, this area has been a mess of each days writing running over top of the others. It also meant that the displays in the grass areas were surrounded by quagmires of mud. Good thing I had casual Friday the next day, as my work pants were covered in mud by the time we got through!

The highlight for me this year was watching the excitement on Mr4’s face as he enjoyed “glow in the dark” gelato. I would have loved to watch the whole display in Civic Square, but we arrived there as it was ending and it was too cold (and too close to bedtime) to hang around for 20 minutes waiting for it to start over. What we saw was neat though.

To infinity

I had grand plans of using Lux as an opportunity to practice for Vivid in a couple of weeks time, but instead I went with just the camera I had with me – my 60D with a 24mm Prime lens on it – and no tripod. Even using ISO way up at 1600, I still often needed longer exposures than I could hand-hold without movement, but with a 4yo in tow, the flexibility offered by this combination worked in its favour.

The changing displays year-on-year do make Lux worth going back to each year. There is always something new to see, and the chance to explore the city, in a crowd, in the dark, is quite neat. Next year I need to make a concerted effort to get off the waterfront and up the laneways, as I reckon that’s where the best displays are hidden (judging by photos I’ve seen from this years event)


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