Christchurch Redux

Another overnight trip for work, only this time in the office, rather than on an away day. Quite a different experience, but also quite nice.


I ate out a LOT on this trip. Breakfast on my first day was at Supreme Supreme on Welles Street, before heading in to the office. The corned beef hash was solid, with a perfect poached egg.

Lunch at Burger Fuel Hereford St was unremarkable in a good way. My Chook Royale on GF bun was well constructed and came quickly. Eaten in the sunshine in Cathedral Square was a nice escape from the shadowed coldness that caused the dine in restaurant to need all its IMG_9799bheaters on full bore.

After work, my boss and I headed to The Institution on New Regent for a drink. I had something scrummy with peach juice and bubbles, that I would definitely return for. The flirtatious barman certainly helped too!

I headed to Lone Star Manchester St for dinner. The little tables down the window that were really only big enough for one were all full by the time I left. I was sad to see that my old fave (Dixie Chicken) is now served with mash, but that’s ok because apparently its also not GF, so I had to pick something else. I treated myself to dessert too. I really shouldn’t have eaten the slaw, I know it reacts badly with me, but I couldn’t help myself.

Lux at COCA does GLUTEN FREE SCONES. Yes, you read that right. AMAZING. Herbed ones. Interesting texture, and I only actually ate one of the two I bought because they were really filling. The hot chocolate is not something I would go back for though. I needed two sugars to make it palatable, and I usually never sugar my hot chocolate!

For lunch, after a quick walk to Hagley Park and back (sigh, I love the autumn colours that are still around), I stopped in at Trenches at the RSA. They have a couple of GF slices in the cabinet, and I grabbed a stuffed baked potato too (usually fairly naturally GF). They offered to warm the potato, but it was still pretty cold.


This trip, I stayed at the Rendezvous on Glouchester. My room was way up on the 13th floor (more than halfway up the tallest building in the city, and higher than any other currently occupied building in the city), which meant I could see pretty much all the way to New Brighton. The bed was king sized, and very warm. Having just come from a long weekend in Sydney, IMG_9830bwhere it was never fully quiet in our 34th floor room, it was strange just how quiet it was in this CBD room. The shower was lovely, the bathroom was huge. I slept with just the sheers closed, and it was still plenty dark.


I did two walks while I was in town. The first, on Wednesday evening, was around the CBD. From the hotel to the Bridge of Rememberance, I planned to go to the Earthquake Memorial, but the direct path was blocked, so instead I meandered aimlessly for a while. Thursday lunchtime, I walked down to Christs College and did a short loop of part of Hagley Park. I realised while out that I really do need to get into running so I can start seeing more of the park on future trips down!


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