Cooking on Fire!

Last years Tramping Club Families Group trip to Battle Hill to cook lunch on a fire in the depths of winter was such a success, we decided we should try and make it a tradition.

This year went better again – a total of 24 adults and children turned up. We got a surprise in that it was SUNNY (the forecast had been average all week). The kids loved the stream again, and we packed tired kids up just as it clouded over and started spitting.

Our lunch this year was also more successful than last year. We did bacon-wrapped potatoes and a cheese scone (although we forgot to take butter and cheese for the potatoes, and butter and jam for the scones!). All were cooked in foil in the embers of the fire.

Kiwi S’mores went down a treat with Mr4 as well, who last year refused toasted marshmallows. My GF attempt (with Caramilk chocolate and a pair of shortbread biscuits) didn’t go quite so well, but was still tasty!


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