Queenstown and Wanaka – Teaser

Later this week, we fly to Queenstown for a 10 day adventure!

After a couple of nights at a rental in Frankton (without a car! Eeek!), where we’ll probably take the bus into town and go luging (provided the weather is nice), we’ll hit the road and head to Wanaka.

Our plan sees Mr4 offloaded to Ski Kindy at Cardona for three days, so that Mark can enjoy some skiing, and I can take some lessons. The flexibility this provides is something I am in awe of, and am so confused as to why there isn’t anything like it at Whakapapa – having to have someone supervising Mr4 at all times is the main reason I haven’t learnt to ski yet.

Anyway, hopefully by the end of that we’ll all be happy ski bunnies and uninjured, because then it will be time to explore Wanaka and the area a bit – we’re definitely going to Puzzling World, I want to have a go at Clip & Climb, and we’re debating where to go on a drive day – Haast and its waterfalls, or Mt Cook and Tekapo for hot pools and iconic views?

An extra night in Queenstown on our way home will give us a chance to go back to Alpine Aqualand, which is an awesome, family-friendly pool.


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