PotW – Jacks Point Play Area

Jacks Point, Queenstown

This is a spunky wee playground, tucked way out of the way in the far reaches of Jacks Point. If you’re not staying in this growing subdivision, you’re going to go a long way out of your way to get to it.
But its worth it for the Flying Fox alone. Hoo boy, that’s got some speed and a great kick at the end when you hit the bottom, in addition to some of the most breathtaking views of any playground we have visited.
Other features include a slide with a great fun kink that realistically makes it a little tight for an adult (and don’t go down head first, as you drop out the end with speed), a cute rope bridge seesaw, and a couple of swings. When the weather is nice, there is also a playing field immediately next door for a bigger run around.
Construction is about to commence on the new town centre, so there should be cafes and shops within a couple of hundred meters soon too.

This spot was so good, we had to visit at least twice in the 10 days we were last in Queenstown.


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