PotW – Kuirau Park, Rotorua

Ranolf Street, Rotorua
Kuirau Park is always our first stop when in Rotorua, regardless of what the weather is doing. This play area is directly adjacent to a large and active thermal area, which is its main attraction.
Back when I was a child, Kuirau Park was all about the thermal vents – the hot pools, mud pools and smelly steam – and the thermally heated warm water paddling pool.
Some time in the last few years, a childrens play area was installed alongside the paddling pool. Its got a great few features, including a massive climbing net that Mr6 is in love with.
The old paddling pool was out of action last time we visited – it developed a crack we believe. But don’t despair, there are now two smaller paddling pools tucked up a path the other side of the lagoon from the old pool. They’re just as warm and welcoming on a cold winters day.
Parking is pretty good, although it might get busy if Saturday morning sport is on the rugby fields opposite the playground, or if there is a craft fair or festival on the large plaza next to the play area.


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