PotW – Featherston

This is easily one of Mr7’s favourite playgrounds. Its hard now to go through Featherson without stopping to play, which makes trips to the beach house longer for sure! The play space is generously proportioned, offering a range of play equipment and space. There are seats scattered across the play area for parents and a toilet (although one with those awful non-seat rubber rings on metal bowls) at the State Highway side of the park.

The flying fox is a particular favourite piece of equipment, as it goes quite fast, and the net bowl swing is also popular. 

Parking is generous, around two sides of the playground, and in the weekend you can park down the driveway of the GP that is behind the space. If you are lucky, the Mini Fell Engine will be running – it appears to run some weekends over about lunchtime during the summer (we are never in Featherston at the right time). If you have time, the Fell Museum (across the road) is also worth visiting. Its about 5 minutes walk to the supermarket, who sell ice creams and cold drinks, and in the vicinity of the supermarket are several cafes and boutique shops that are worth exploring.


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