Nice and Monaco


The first thing we did when we arrived in Nice was go for a walk around town. Anything to get out of our hotel room, which we were sharing with another couple we did not get along with (yay tour!). That said, it was a big group walk, to go and find dinner and then on to a bar. The dinner was great, the bar gave me a panic attack. We went home for an early night.

The single best thing we did was go exploring. We split up – Mark went with a couple of the guys, and I went with some of the girls, and we wandered. Mark wound up on his own, and the girls I was with adopted him into our group. The markets were cute, and we paddled at the beach.

The biggest let down while we were there was the evening trip to Monaco. We were dressed up to the nines (including new shoes for several of us), for a walk around town, and then “go find your own dinner”. Mark and I had a lovely date dinner at a restaurant that was expensive as anything, and we poked our noses into the casino, but honestly, we could have skipped it and not even noticed.


We wish we had more time generally in Nice. It was actually really pretty, and felt a lot like Wellington. We would love to have had more opportunity to explore. The markets were pretty, and walking along the promenade next to the beach was lovely. The town itself is also very photogenic.

It turns out that the beach at Nice is not nice. Its rocks – and big ones at that! Really unpleasant on the feet. Also, despite what we expected, the Mediterranean is cold. We swam anyway.


The most random experience we had was paying the woman sitting outside the toilets to get access to the loos in the reserve on the hill. Just, odd.

The hardest part of our time in Nice was that we got pretty much zero alone time. Our room mates were in our room constantly, and strung their laundry everywhere. We both felt crowded and over-stretched socially and really just wanted a break. Thankfully, our lovely tour guide promised we would be in private rooms from here on, otherwise we might have considered quitting the tour early. IMG_2225b


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